May 22, 2015

May 22, 2015

Mother of the Forest

Photograph by Marsel van Oosten, National Geographic Your Shot

“These baobab trees on Madagascar are up to 800 years old,” writes Your Shot member Marsel van Oosten. Locally known as “mother of the forest,” the baobab forms a micro-ecosystem of its own, supporting life for both animals and humans, van Oosten says. “Old hollow baobabs are a home to snakes, bats, bush babies, bees, and sometimes even humans. More importantly, the tree is an important source of water—it can store up to 4,000 liters of water in its trunk. For Africa, it is literally the tree of life.”

This photo was submitted to Your Shot, our storytelling community. Check out the new book Getting Your Shot for more photos, plus tips and creative insights from Nat Geo experts.

A. Gog
A. Gog

A moment of peace !

sujit  ganguly
sujit ganguly

I had known about the Baobab Tree as up side down tree. Anyway this information truly great for me that it may store that much amount of water.

Thanks for sharing this. 

Chao Jie
Chao Jie

 this kind of tree is callde 猴面包树in china

Janos Illes
Janos Illes

What a life coming from those trees.... Amazing shot.

Claire  Mason
Claire Mason

Those trees are awesome! I love the way the light is coming into the photo.

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